ZIRKON KOVASSY Dental Implantology and Surgery

ZIRKON KOVASSY Dental Implantology and Surgery

Zirkon Kovassy Implantology and Dental Surgery to save your dental cost!

Our British-Hungarian Dentistry is a licensed, full service facility, providing dental care to patients of all ages and dental needs.

We have 25 years experience and many satified clients from all around Europe. Another reason why the Zirkon Kovassy Dentistry Centre is perfect for you.

ZK’s policy is not just to provide high quality dental service in a modern environment, but to give individual attention to all patients. As general dental practioners we offer a wide range of treatments, but our main expertise is in the areas of: implantation, prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry/surgery.

Our English speaking medical staff, consisting of highly qualified doctors and assistants, will take great care of you and strive to make you feel comfortable. Our centre provides a client friendly atmosphere for our dental tourists and patients. The practice have been equipped to make a comfortable and relaxing surrounding in which to treat you.

We are specialized in:

Zircon Dental Implants, Braces, Zirconia Dental Crowns, Oral Surgery

Natural looking dentures

Eclipse protheses fit perfect

Lower denture: 430 GBP
Full denture: 560 GBP



9700 Szombathely, Fraknó u. 22., Hungary
Phone: +36 20 515 8250, +36 94 508 131My status

E-mail: info@zirkonkovassy.com



  1. Shad Calaway says:
    Posted August 6, 2011 at 00:03 | Permalink

    Hello. Great job. I did not anticipate this. Remarkable results. Thanks!

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