Vidental medical practice has been in operation since 1992. After a thorough modernization in 2009 it was transformed into a dental clinic matching West European standards.

Vidental clinic has three air-conditioned treatment rooms with specialist equipment of the highest quality. One of them, called the surgery room, is used for dental surgery and implantology. In this room, procedures under general anaesthesia are performed, which allows comprehensive dental treatment during a single visit, especially of patients with special needs. Under general anaesthesia it is also possible to have implantation performed by an experienced implantology surgeon. During each procedure a team of experienced anaesthesiologists makes sure that the patient is safe. Every effort is made to let the youngest patients enjoy the time of the visit; their health is taken care of by a specialist in paediatric dentistry. Medical tourism is a complement to the offer and is an ideal solution for foreign patients. Vidental was one of the first dental institutions in Poland to obtain the ISO certificate, which testifies to the highest standards of the performed services. A team of highly qualified doctors, together with the other members of the clinic staff, guarantee very pleasant and professional service.




VIDENTAL sp. j. Klinika Stomatologiczna
44–105 Gliwice, ul. Kurpiowska 1

tel.: (prefix) 32 279-24-62, 330-31-50, 330-31-51
fax: (prefix) 32 270-01-43

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