The Dental Magic offers full dental services for the best value, with highly experienced dentists in the heart of Dublin city and also in Budapest, Hungary. Save up to thousands of euros on your dental costs!

If you have ever felt that less-than flawless teeth keep you from smiling, or if you have been putting off dental treatment because of the costs involved, then the Dental Magic can offer the perfect solution for both you and your purse. Our dentists provide you with affordable, efficient and expert treatments in Dublin IFSC.

The treatments at the Dental Magic include everything from root canal treatments, fillings, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges to dentoalveolar treatments such as implants, or bone augmentation.

We are proud that thanks to our dentists Dental Magic has high reputation, satisfied clients, and outstanding dental services. With more than 15 years of professional experience and success, we are delighted to offer you reliable, gentle and high quality dental care in Europe.




In the Clarionhotel IFSC, Excise Walk, Dublin 1
Call us: +353 (0)15262481
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To book an appointment at our clinic in Hungary also call
01 5262481

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