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  • Your Solution – Dentourist Budapest



    Dentourist is a private practice of dentists committed to provide the highest level of customer service in dental care in Hungary.

    91 Hegedűs Gyula utca, 1133 Budapest, Hungary
    UK: +44 (0) 77 0209 8387

    +36 20 44 54 114

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  • ZIRKON KOVASSY Dental Implantology and Surgery

    Our British-Hungarian Dentistry is a licensed full service facility, providing dental care to patients of all ages and dental needs. We have 25 years experience and many satisfied clients from all around Europe. 9700 Szombathely, Fraknó u. 22., Hungary Phone: +36 20 515 8250 +36 94 508 131 E-mail:

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  • Batorfi Dental Implant Clinic

    Batorfi Dental Implant Clinic was established in 1992, is led by Dr. Bela Batorfi (UK reg. no. 103348), whose dental team provides treatment for all main dental procedures, with special emphasis on dental implantology, sinus lift, bone graft and bone block. Batorfi Dental Implant Clinic is one of the leading dental implantology clinics of Hungary nowadays, treating thousands of patients a year, arriving from the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.

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  • Gabordent Clinic

    The Gabordent Clinic welcomes you in Szeged, the City of Sunshine. In our clinic, which has been operating for ten years, highly professional dental specialists and modern technology guarantee the most up-to-date dental treatments for our clients.

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  • Dent-a-Lux


    Dent-A-Lux dental surgery was opened at 2 Korona Street, in the heart of Kecskemét, in 2000. Since that time our slogan and aim has been to provide our clients with European quality under guarantee at a reasonable price.

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  • Belladent

    Thermal Blvd. 47., Bük-Bad, 9740 Hungary
    Tel/fax: +36-94-358-977
    Tel: +36-94-359-236

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  • AB Dental Hungary

    AB-Dental Dentistry and Oral Surgery Centre
    7624 Pécs, Hungária út 53/1.
    7815 Harkány, Szent István út 57.
    Tel: +36/72 213 507 Fax: +36/72 222 383
    Mobil: +36 30 962 55 41

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  • Schweizer Zahnarzt

    SCHWEIZER ZAHNARZT-MANAGEMENT GmbH was founded in 1990. It is owned by a Swiss investment group and is managed by Swiss management.

    Today we operate three dental practices in Hungary with the aim of providing dental services at a European standard.

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  • Forest & Ray

    Dental treatment in Budapest is considerably cheaper than in London
    so why not let Forest&Ray put a smile on your face.

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    Med.Dent.Dr.Mádé András

    8800 Nagykanizsa Csengery u. 8., Hungary

    Tel: +36 30 946-7922
    Fax: +36 93 318-887

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  • Dentalia

    Our well trained and experienced colleagues are waiting for You in our modern Dental Surgery at Böszörményi street in Budapest, Hungary.

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  • Hungarian Smiles Dental Vacations

    Take a “Dental Vacation” to Beautiful Hungary and save over 50% on World Class Dentistry!

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  • Dental Number One

    14. Budafoki st. 3rd floor/2.
    H-1111, Budapest, Hungary

    Mobile: +36-70-579-7050,
    Phone: +36-1-789-7411
    Fax: +36-1-784-6798

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  • My Dentist Hungary

    MyDentistHungary is a professional dental clinic in Budapest

    the capital of Hungary, where dental excellence is combined with a meticulous care to cater to the patients’ needs.

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  • Hungary Dentist can save you money when you have treatment undertaken by our dentist. Free accommodation and airport transfers where the cost of your treatment exceeds £1500. Beautiful spa town near Lake Balaton.

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  • Wabi Beauty Center

    H-9400 Sopron, Bécsi út 4521/3
    Phone: +36 99 505 760
    Fax: +36 99 505 761

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  • Eurodent Aquadental Dentistry

    Our main activity is aesthetic dentistry and implantology, but we also offer our patients other treatments in connection with dental activity. Due to our high-level medical and implant activity we have become one the most important dental clinics of our region.

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  • Absolute Medica Hungary

    Absolute Medica is a Hungarian healthcare agency, based in Budapest, who has combined its expertise with the knowledge of renowned medical services.

    Absolute Medica fuses exceptional medical services together with memorable time in the beautiful Capital of Hungary or Lake Balaton. Enjoy your stay, while saving significant amount of money on the medical treatment of your choice.

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  • H&H Dental

    H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Budai út 20, Hungary
    Tel: 36-30-9798436

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  • Dental Medicina

    dr. Lajos Gáspár
    EctoDerma Polyclinic
    József körút 37., 1085 Budapest, Hungary

    Phone: +36-1 317 8175, 235 0024, 266 8886,
    Fax: +36-1 235 0025.

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  • Sleep Dentistry Hungary

    Enjoy amazing 4-day-long wellness package in a beautiful sunshine- city, while your teeth become healthy and youngish with the most modern techology. Save 75% out of your dental costs.

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  • Dentland

    4032 Debrecen, Hungary
    Nagyerdei park 1.

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