Management, Philosophy of the company

Sopron The owners of this company are experienced Swiss persons. The management of the company is also Swiss.The clinic matches the Swiss rules. The Swiss owners are supervising: the treatment methods, the quality of the materials, the comfort of the west-european patients. Flexible hosting times. German and English speaking and qualified staff.

Benefits of the clinic

Our clinic is the only private clinic in West-Hungary with an official license for jaw- and plastic surgery and an own surgery room. All in one: Dentistry, Dentoalveolar surgery, Aesthetic Dentistry and Plastic Surgery. The prosthetics will be bought in gnathologic as the rules of Aesthetic Dentistry describes.

Full end High-Tech equipment pertinent to the rules of Hungary and Switzerland, which are held in absolute hygiene and carefulness.

Esthetic Dentistry

Krone The crowns, bridges will be brought in gnathologically oriented by the rules of esthetical dentistry; metal-ceramic crowns blended with gold are the best quality of German porcelain. Metal free prosthetics: The bridges, crowns are set on a ceramic scaffold; pivot teeth are made with glass- or carbon fibre.

Gingiva transplantations to cover the decultivation of the gums. Aesthetic fillings, ceramic and gold inlays, ceramic bridges, part and full prosthetics.

Jaw surgery

Implantations of titanium implants with a special surface for the ensuring and acceleration of the osteofication. Sinus lifting to enable titanium implants by patients with a strong jaw decultivation in the upper jaw. Bone cultivation surgeries to correct the local or expanded osteoporosis.

Plastic surgery

Breast implantations, face-lifting, resurfacing with laser, liposuction, nose and ear corrections, eye lid correction, pleat treatment; absolutely anonym intimate surgery: liposuction and hair ablation of the intimate zone, woman’s breast for man.


– Top quality 80% cheaper as the westeuropean treatments
– Usage of German and Swiss products and materials of top quality and originality certification.
– We use just original products.
– The dentistry examination is free of charge
– Treatment plan in more variations with a charge proposal, also free of charge.
- Unbeatable price-achievement proportion.




Swissdent Medical Center Ltd

H-9400 Sopron, Várkerület 73
Tel: +36-99-508666
Fax: +36-99-508667

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