Our colleagues care about the fact that our working environment should be one free of fear, whether or not this means adult patient or children or meaning those requiring oral surgery, or desiring implant work.

Fear-free dental care is in the interests of both the patient and the dentist treating him or her, as a high standard of patient care can only be carried out with a relaxed patient.

Dentistry and oral surgery are complex procedures involving true teamwork.

Why do people choose Sanoral Dental Clinic? 

  • best quality materials & equipment
  • free services, including airport collection, hotel booking and consultation
  • dental procedures completed in 5 days (including crowns and bridges)
  • GDC registered, fully qualified, experienced dentists
  • stress-free and comfortable treatment
  • affordable dental treatment, with savings of 50-60%
  • Sanoral provides the optimal dental treatment service with a written guarantee
  • weekend appointments available
  • contact your dentist directly instead of agencies
  • what you pay for is what you get: no hidden costs
  • we are situated in Budapest – the most beautiful city in Central Europe.


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