Saint George dental center was established in 2008 and specializes in treatment of children and adults.

The combination of general, aesthetic and specialized dentistry and contemporary equipment provides successful and high-quality results of the treatment.

Calm atmosphere and care for the patients create perfect enviroment where fear and tension are eliminated. The time, spent for conversation and consulting inspires with confidence.
The available equipment for piesosurgery and laser therapy allows bringing into use the newest and the best world wide methods of treating surgical and periodontal diseases.

The specializations, which the dentists of the clinic regularly make in Bulgaria and abroad, define standard for a high level of the accomplished treatment.

Our desire is for all the patients who have visited Saint George dental center to be contented with the definite result of the therapy, good oral health and perfect smile.

1606 Sofia
20 Konstantin Irechek Str.
   02/ 954 47 83
   02/ 952 41 94
   0886 129 213
   0898 526 082

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