A dental surgery founded 36 years ago, using the latest technologies.

My father founded the practise in 1968. The dentistry has been at its present place under 108 Várkerület since 1988. The surgery occupies an area of 360 square meters.

Number 108, houses three fully equipped surgeries, one of which is equipped as an operating theatre for carrying out implantations. An X-ray,a waiting-room,bathrooms, restrooms storage rooms and the prothetics can also be found there.

All three surgeries are suitable for carrying out general dental treatments, dental ambulatory surgey and prothetics.

My surgery has been a university training place for students before their certification since 1995. It has been accredited by both the Medical University of Budapest and the Medical University of Szeged.

My surgery applies the ISO 9001:2001 quality management system.

I take great care of biocompatibility – the materials I use are allergy free.



Praxis Dr. Tóka Kft.
Várkerület 108.
9400 Sopron, Hungary

Telefon: (+36 99) 311-078
Telefax: (+36 99) 316-985

E-mail: toka@toka.hu

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