PolishSmile.com is a brand of GEODENT Dental Centre – Health Care Establishment operating in Wroclaw, Poland since December 2001.

We pride ourselves on both professional medical personnel holding academic degrees and grade I and II specialisation in dentistry as well as on modern equipment meeting expectations of most demanding patients.

We are of the opinion that this ensures quality, safety and comfortable process of treatment for each patient. We provide best quality dental treatment for patients from United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, France, USA and western countries.

GEODENT Specialist Dental Centre provides dental services regarding:

- esthetic dentristry
- conservative dentistry
- surgery
- dental prosthetics
- orthodontics
- implantology
- dental prophylaxis
- radiovisiography and X-ray
- biostimulating lasertherapy

Dental travelling now is so simply with us!



ul. Galla Anonima 2
51-168 Wroclaw, Poland

tel. + 48 71 372 70 03


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