Neodentica is a modern dental clinic, which enables you to receive the best treatment in a stress-free atmosphere of relaxation. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers, who can always expect complex and professional dental care. We focus on making our services the highest quality you can get with exceptional emphasis on esthetics, which is always adjusted to individual client needs and requirements. To meet these requests our medical staff expands their knowledge with the help of many courses in Poland and abroad.

In our daily practice we use the most modern equipment and the highest quality materials in the field. We use disposable tools to ensure the patients safety. Our modern sterilizing devices kill all bacteria, viruses, fungi and prions. Our offices and exam rooms are also fully adjusted to the needs of handicapped patients. A staff consisting of the best specialists and methods that are tailor-made for a specific patient result in client recognition, trust and loyalty.

Knowing how important a healthy and beautiful smile can be, we are ready to meet Your expectations offering a full spectrum of modern dental medicine. You’re welcome to try our free check-up visit to decide whether You want to become a patient of the Neodentica Dental Clinic.

Centrum Stomatologii Neodentica
80-138 Gdańsk,
ul. Kartuska 149/4/5,
tel. 058 302 39 92
tel. 0 601 662 642

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