MyDentistHungary is a professional dental clinic in Budapest

the capital of Hungary, where dental excellence is combined with a meticulous care to cater to the patients’ needs. As specialists and staff are multilingual, communication is easy between them and the patients, who are offered various favourable deals as regards the dental fees, as well as free consultation, X-rays and rides from and to the airport. State-of-the-art technology used by no other clinic in Hungary allows drilling without the use of traditional drills, and stress-free, painless ozone therapy is used to treat cavities; cavities are detected using a sophisticated laser device. The equipment and decor of the clinic, together with the dental service, is up to Western European stadards, however, the fees remain low enough to attract anyone’s attention who has ever had a dental quote in the UK, France or Scandinavia.

The dental centre offers premium dental service in a pleasant atmosphere

in Marina Part, a luxury residence park complex in the 13th district, a fast-growing business district of the Hungarian capital. The smile makeovers are done at a high standard and the patients leave the clinic free of stress and with a new, healthy smile. Our comprehensive service includes a guarantee and genuine aftercare programme.

Patient satisfaction is the most important part of our philisophy. Informing our patients well before their decisions concerning their health is the right beginning for treatment and we do our best to offer our services in as many hours of the day as possible to suit our patients’ needs, while maintaining our high standards.




Phone: +36 1 4020428 Fax: +36 1 4020429
Skype: mydentisthungary

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