Marident was founded in 1996. The Marident and the Marident-Castle surgeries were established by dental surgeons having in successful private practice since 1985, who now have over twenty years of experience. In both clinics high-quality services offered to patients include tooth-whitening, filling, prosthetics, oral hygiene, oral surgery and supplementary services.

Our motto is “rebirth”, since our aim is to provide our patients with total, thorough and cosmetic dental care to their complete satisfaction in a unique and stress-free atmosphere. Our team of professionals are waiting to serve you with state-of-the-art equipment in a friendly environment.

Marident is one of the 48 dental surgeries in Hungary that have been awarded 3M ESPE status and as such it takes part in the various stages of new product testing and assists product developers with feedback and observations.

Our dentists are either specialists in cosmetic dentistry or university academics and clinical experts in dental surgery, implantology, prosthetics and gnathology. Our team are distinguished by their sensitivity to their patients’ needs, their courtesy, practical approach and precision.

Before any major procedure a team consisting of implantologists, cosmetic experts and gnathologists will undertake a thorough examination. On the basis of the results they will prepare a plan for your complete dental treatment, including the stages of treatment, the time-table and the costs of procedures, taking into consideration your cosmetic requirements.

The professional skill of our sympathetic staff together with our equipment of the highest European standards guarantee treatments that are pain-free. The high-grade work of our dental technicians together with the skill of our dentists will give you complete satisfaction and the smile of your dreams.





Address: 1027 Budapest, Csalogány u. 3/c
Telephone and fax: +36-1-212-2103


Address: 1014 Budapest, Szentháromság tér 7.
Telephone and fax: +36-1-487-0518

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