Founded in 1996, the Kreativ Dental Clinic has established itself as the European leader in the field of Dental Treatment abroad. Our excellent reputation has been earned by the consistent high quality and outstanding results provided by our highly qualified and experienced Dental and Technical team.

Kreativ Dental standards conform to and often exceed all the most stringent of EU regulations and requirements.

The dentists who work at Kreativ have all been selected for their qualifications, expertise and experience. Most have now been working at the Kreativ Clinic for many years ensuring you receive continuity of service.




Kreativ Dental Clinic
1141 Budapest,Vezer ut 100, Hungary

Kreativ Dental UK
Melbourne House,
Bratton, Westbury,
Wiltshire, BA13 4RL
United Kingdom

Telephone 1: 0845 0945 331
Telephone 2: 0203 2879 331


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