Our dental practice is available to the patients since 1990, and their contentment proves the quality of our job.

Dental treatments are of course not pleasant, however we can guarantee that these treatmens are carried out in a friendly environment, stress and pain-free.

In our dental practice contentment is the uppermost principle, therefore we always begin with a free consultation, where we discuss the particular possibilities and where we help with selecting the best alternatives for you. Our tooth-technical laboratory works fast, precise and accurate. We use only American, Swiss and German materials from manufacturers of good repute.

Our most important services:

- free consulting and arranging a treatment schedule
- X-ray
- aesthetic fillings
- gold and silver inlays
- porcelain crowns, bridges of nickel-free metal or of gold alloy
- metal-free crowns, bridges with a framework of zirconium oxide
- whole removable prostheses and combined tooth frameworks with hidden anchoring.




dr. Kelemen Márta dentist
9400 Sopron Várkerület 43., Hungary

Phone: 0036-99-319-150, 0036-20-33-53-800
e-mail: drkelemen@chello.hu

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