The Halász Dental Implant Clinic is the leading centre for Implantology and Fixed Oral Rehabilitation of the Edentolous Jaw thanks to its outstanding equipment in Central Europe. The clinic is looked up from 33 countries of the world for having affordable dental implants and prostheses. We specialise on a narrow specialty, on advanced oral rehabilitation of the edentolous jaw by implants.

Our team, equipment, professionality serve this aim: to be the best in this field. In the last 15 years we have solved lots of hopeless cases adjudged unimplantable.

The most up-to-date high-technology is at our disposal. Using very cheap dental implants is not the main profile of the Halász Dental Implant Clinic. Our aim is to ensure the long-lasting high quality at affordable price.

We guarantee 10 years’ warranty for our work. We only can serve our patients’ health, good way of feeling, calmness if we do our careful, conscious job on a high world standard.

We specialize on fullceramic, zirconia prostheses. Because these are the future: they are healthy, do not cause allergy and they are aesthetic. In our own dental laboratory the most modern technology is at our disposal, therefore we are able to carry out even the most complicated, fully edentulous cases successfully.

Every patient of Halasz Clinic has the opportunity to have the most appropriate treatment by the knowledge of our highly qualificated team, the outstanding equipments, and technological advances.




Hungary, 7100 Szekszárd, Munkácsy str. 43.


Telephone: 0786 658 2446
Telephone: +36 30 384 7708
Telefax: +36 74 510 885

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