The Gabordent Clinic welcomes you in Szeged, the City of Sunshine. In our clinic, which has been operating for ten years, highly professional dental specialists and modern technology guarantee the most up-to-date dental treatments for our clients.

In our clinic a wide range of solutions are offered for the dental problems of all age groups and our specialists help you choose the best option concerning quality and price. The final treatment plan and the prices and fees will be discussed during your first personal visit.

Besides the most up-to-date implantology procedures, we also carry out different kinds of walk-in painless dental surgery, in conscious sedation if required. For the successful implantation process bone replacement is often necessary, which can be done with the help of  chin bones. For those who are allergic to metals we make non-metallic ceramic and zircon crowns.

Let us prove that we are the best and we give you the most for the least. Please, take your time and visit our website, too!




GaborDent Clinic
H-6721 Szeged,Osztrovszky u. 12., HUNGARY

Eszter BENEDEK (English, French, Italian speaking)
+36 30 5562955

Aniko TOTH (English speaking)
+36 30 6816809
Fax +36-62-452-237

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