Flawless teeth are the messengers of success: they give everyday security and they enhance fascination. The dental treatments suggested by us influence the harmonic emanation of your face and also the quality of your life.

The most important for us is to make our clients satisfied!

According to our opinion, a modern dental praxis is also a health-service-complex. The precondition of attending our costumers entirely is to ascertain their wishes and possibilities. Only the cooperation of the patient and dentist can effect success.

The principle of our curing is to offer you the treatments we would also assume. Our clients will enter into a very circumstancial consult and will take part in the course of taking a decision with the help of the modern and well-tried methods. Additionally our patients receive an extensive information about our dental treatmens and the complementary dental possibilities.

Is it important for you not to wait?

We know, that your time is valuable. We have re-shaped our working process to reduce the time of your waiting.

We make an offer and answer your questions gladly!

We make a therapy- and costplan for you at your first visit. We make a complete treatment plan for your teeth. Our dentists will help you without your commitment.




Marx Károly Str. 2.
H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár

Free telephone number:
00800 9200 9200 from UK
0036 96 566 047
0036 96 566 049

E-mail: info@denisdental.com

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