Our corporate philosophy is to set a good example by committing ourselves to high standards and to be always one step ahead of the competition.

We are a Hungarian dental group providing the full range of up-to-date dental care services for patients.

The dental practices belonging to our network have been rendering quality services for almost 20 years to the full satisfaction of our patients from Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.
To date we have treated tens of thousands of patients from these countries.
Our dental studios stand out from the crowd by providing reliable services and patient-friendly treatment in clinics equipped to the latest standards and with the latest technology.

Our dentist teams await the patients in state-of-the-art dental practices and clinics situated in the best-known holiday resorts and the most frequently visited tourist places of Hungary.

Our dentists draw on their long-standing professional expertise to create a friendly atmosphere and a sound relationship between the patients and themselves.



H-9431 Fertõd, Fõ u.1.

Tel: + 36 99 537 600
E-mail: info@fertodent.hu

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