We have a piece of cake here since we don’t have to give information about a brand new dentistry waiting to be introduced; thousands of satisfied smiles over 20 years are our reference.

Why choose Europe Implant?

  • We are driven by quality dental treatment, not profit
  • We are a private clinic NOT a dental brokerage
  • Our dentists are all highly qualified with international experience
  • We offer considerable financial savings compared to UK prices
  • Guaranteed quality
  • More than 20 years experience of implantation
  • Thousands of fully satisfied patients over the last two decades
  • Our friendly team helps you to organize your trip without any additional cost
  • Our clinic provides you a free airport transfer
  • We will give you a mobile phone during your stay allowing you FREE call to your dentist in any case.
  • We will give you a “Travel Card” allowing you FREE travel on public transport during your stay
  • We make it easy for you!




Hungary-2085 Pilisvörösvár, Árpád u. 21.
Phone: +36-30-2-801-570
Email: info@europeimplant.com

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