The medical institution at the whole location reaches a complete cycle of a complex dental diagnostics and a medical treatment at a most contemporary level.

There is a video-connection with the Conference hall and the waiting-rooms through a multimedia from each of the rooms. In this way the course of treatment of some interesting cases can be viewed on the screen or some new methods can be shown.

Outstanding specialists in the field of implantology, cariesology, endodontics, etc. hold specialized courses in the Conference hall at EO Dent, and some presentations of dental materials and medicines of different companies are done there.

In this way we have an everlasting professional improving of the whole staff of dentists, nurses, registering clerks, and roentgenologists, well-trained specialists strengthening the position of EO Dent as a leading dental centre not only in the town of Sofia and Pernik, but also in the whole country.

It is an unusual privilege for the patients to have a twenty-four-hour dental assistance.


16 ‘St. Pimen Zografski’ Str., ‘Izgrev’ Quart, Sofia;

Mobile: (+359 88) 445 45 77;

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