Address: sq. Journalist, 2 Arch. Milanov str. , Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.:+359 2 866 80 97
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 Dr. Uliana Kiriakova

Graduated in Dental Faculty of Medical University, Sofia.
Specialized in General Dentistry in Dental Faculty, Sofia.
Specialized in Oral Surgery in Dental Faculty, Sofia.


  • Treatment of all variety of caries.
  • Treatment of pulpit, perodontitis and gangrenes.
  • Treatment of gingivas and perodontitis.
  • Restoration of fractured teeth.
  • Bleaching of teeth.
  • Making of splints for bruxism.
  • Making of flexible dentures.
  • Making of ceramic facets.
  • Making of crowns and bridge works – metal, blend crowns, with whole plastic aesthetic cover, metal-ceramics, palaponts and temporary crowns.

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