We are waiting for the patients in our dental care room in the little West-Hungarian town, Körmend. Our town assigns a familiar spirit and it lies nearest to the Austrian frontier (25 km) and to the famous Hungarian thermal baths. If you prefer the friendly and calm towns instead of the heavy, great cities like our capital, you would enjoy our little town, Körmend. If you come from abroad, we can provide you transfer (from the aeroport of Graz, Vienna, or Sármellék) and accomodation as well.

Our main goal is to provide you quick, precise products at the highest quality standards for a convenient price. Our dentist, Dr. Marianna Rozmán performs comprehensive dental treatment.

Our Services

Fix replacements:

- crowns:metal, metal-ceramic,ceramic crown,  zirconium

- bridges

- implants

- Inlay, Onlay

- Tooth jewel

Removable replacements:

- acrylic total or partial dental prothesis

- non-allergic plastic total dental prothesis

- metal-sheet total or partial dental prothesis

Routine dental treatments:

 - Dental filling

- Inlay and Onlay

- Teeth whitening

- Root treatments

- Complementary dental treatments




Address: 12 str Deák F.,9900 Körmend, Hungary
Tel.: +36 94/594-124
Fax: +36 94/594-125
E-mail: info@divodent.hu
Skype: dieneslabor

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