I have known the quality and reliability of the dental clinic’s and Dr. Attila Muhl’s dentist practice for many years.

From the circle of my friends and acquaintenances a great number of men and women are aware of the reliability and high quality standards of Mr. Muhl and they adore it.

In my opinion, it is highly welcomed if you can take the next treatment without any stress, plus you have the option to link it with a “wellness holiday” (for example, at the local spas and massage facilities, for reasonable prices).

In retrospect, I can say that to a large extent, the satisfaction of the former patients, even after many years, have not faded. This emphasizes the high-quality dental care, that has existed for many years.

If I look at the existing quality standards, the assessment of my friends and my own experience, not to mention the very reasonable prices, I can highly recommend you a dental treatment at Dr. Attila Muhl.

Yours faithfully

Josef Harst – Mannheim, Germany

Dentist in Hungary



Dr. Attila Muhl
Oral surgeon
Dental specialist

Address: 1. Pécsi út, Komló, 7300 Hungary
Phone: +36-30/843-5464
E-mail: muhlfog@gmail.com

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