Our clinic is based in Bodrum (Turkey) where we provide caring and outstanding patient care. Dr. Selda Kiper and her team offer excellent dental care by using the latest technology to create the ultimate comfort for our patients.

Dt. Selda Kiper

Born in Ankara in 1954, Dt. Selda has been a practising dentist for the past 31 years. Having started her dentisty studies in Istanbul, she completed her Diploma in 1980 at Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry in Ankara. After working for one year in partnership with a dentist in Ankara, Dt. Selda then returned to Gazi University as an assistant teacher in the Prosthodontic Section of the Dentisty Faculty. Since 1985, Dt. Selda has run her own private clinic in Bodrum treating both foreign and Turkish patients. At the beginning of 2011 Dt. Selda took over DentBodrum where she will continue to treat her exisiting patients and DentBodrums’ clients. She is a long standing member of Muğla Province Chamber of Dentists.



Severcan Caddesı, Zeytindalı Evleri II, A1 Block, Bodrum.

This is at the rear of Oasis Shopping Centre,
directly opposite the Culture Centre/Theatre (Nural Kultur Merkezi)

Telephone/Fax: 00 90 252 317 04 05
Mobile: 00 90 532 552 95 88

Email: info@dentbodrum.com

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