With a foundation of many years of professional experience, together with a group of our friends, in 1994, we formed a friendly clinic for our patients. From the very beginning, we placed a special emphasis on quality of care and on integrity.

The basis of Dentalux’s success is a stable and pleasant team of professionals who works well together. Experienced and patient doctors, highly qualified and caring nurses and competent and cheerful reception staff all form a team which is ready and able to meet the needs of our patients. For our busier patients, we offer flexible hours and are open during the evenings and on holidays.


Centre for Aesthetic Dentistry DENTALUX

131 Racławicka st.
02-117 Warsaw
ph. +48 22 823 72 22
fax +48 22 824 73 62
e-mail: raclawicka@dentalux.pl

257 Puławska st. (Melody Park)
02-769 Warsaw
ph. +48 22 256 80 10
fax +48 256 80 16
e-mail: pulawska@dentalux.pl

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