Dental Planet - Dental Implants Spain

Dental Planet – Dental Implants Spain

In our dental practice in Quesada, close to Alicante (Costa Blanca) in Spain we offer highest quality all-ceramic dental implants and dental prosthetics.
Next to conventional implantology, we also provide computer-guided implantology, which allows us to plan the optimum position of each implant ensuring a perfect outcome.

Professor Dr. Alvaro Farnós Visedo, a distinguished specialist in implantology, inserts all of our dental implants. He is a qualified professor in implantology in Madrid, Spain, and graduate from Loma Linda, California, one of the most renowned universities for implantology in the United States. He works quickly and precisely, ensuring that each implant is done to the highest standard.

Many of our patients are coming from European countries such as Spain (some are living in Spain, others are spending their holiday in Spain), Germany, England, France, Italy and Scandinavia. Our dental clinic is specifically prepared to treat patients with limited time availability for their dental treatment and we can confidently state, that we can live up to the highest standards in the least amount of time. The perfect and harmonious interplay between our implantologist and our in-house dental laboratory allows us to produce and insert sophisticated works in record time.

We also offer Gum Disease Treatments, Root Canals, Dental Surgery, Dental Prophylaxis, Cosmetic Dentistry, Snoring Therapy and Temporomandibular joing disorder treatments.

Your English speaking German dentist in Spain.

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