Denta-Med was established in 1991. Since that moment we have used our best efforts so that our equipment and materials for teeth treatment and filling satisfied even the most discriminating patients. The approach to the patient, nice service and atmosphere were also innovative elements in our work. All this was meant to satisfy our patients and encourage them to benefit from our services again.


The founder and owner of a dental office Piotr Wawrzykowski decided to establish a 24 hour duty at 13 Augustiańska street. It was a very innovative strategy which thanks to constant and hard work finally brought the planned results. Denta-Med became a leader of Cracow dental offices.

In 2003 the second office was established at Plac Bohaterów Getta, at 13 Na Zjeździe street. Now we invite patients 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, on all Sundays and holidays. Doctors are available here with their full-time assistance.

At Denta Med we provide our patients with comprehensive dental care.


ul. Na Zjeździe 13, CRACOW
(12) 259-80-00
(50) 259-80-00

ul. Augustiańska 13, CRACOW
(012) 430-60-76
(012) 292-33-00


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