Dt. Ali Sinanoğlu had started to supply dental health care services with his spouse Dt. Gülten İpek Sinanoğlu since the year 2003.

Our policlinic had been established in huge area in order to serve for more patients with latest technologies.

Our basic strategy is to protect mouth and tooth health, furthermore to provide the best and adequate treatment method during the necessary requirements.



Özel SİNANOĞLU Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Polikliniği

Kadıpaşa Mah. Ali Haydar Sok. Dim 2 Apt.
No:10(Vergi Dairesi Arkası) ALANYA

Tel: 0242 513 4951, 0242 513 9977, 0242 511 2742
Fax: 0242 513 4422
Email: info@dentsinanoglu.com

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