Our facility was opened in 1997. When designing our 4-chair surgery the primary objective was to make our patients feel comfortable in our facility while giving them professional medical treatment. Our spacious and elegantly furnished waiting room tries to make patients forget that they are about to receive dental treatment, and it is supposed to release any possible tension.

We perform our work in a professional manner by using substances of premium quality and our patients also appear to be satisfied with us, as confirmed by our clientele of thousands of patients acquired over the years.

After a thorough check-up and taking a panoramic X-ray, our patients are supplied with a detailed plan of treatment and are offered various alternatives to resolve each dental problem.

A team in our surgery provides our patients with extensive professional experience and youthful enthusiasm.

Our doctors are regular participants in scientific conferences and professional training courses. The equipment of and material consumption in the surgery is also being improved.

After completing treatments, we insist on keeping in regular touch with our patients as we follow up on the quality of our work, the oral hygiene of the patients, and draw their attention to the proper care of their teeth and other problems by semiannual dental check-ups. Our surgery is an accredited one where junior dentists receive professional training.



Crown Dental

H-Sopron, Várkerület 73.,  Hungary
Tel: + 36 99 340 440 | + 36 30 628 78 76
e-mail: info@kronedental.hu

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