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  • DENTART Implant & Aesthetic Dentistry

    DENTART is the centre for Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology situated in Istanbul which is the most beautiful pearl of Eurasia.

    Koşuyolu Cad. No:57 Kadıkoy

    Tel : +9 0216-428 63 55
    Fax : +9 0216-325 86 33


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  • Este-Dent

    Este-Dent: highest quality and professionalism!
    Este-Dent is dental surgery. We offer highest quality services based on our doctors knowledge and long time experience.
    Our specialty is implantology, prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry.
    Our goal is not only to treat but also to imitate nature beauty.

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  • Kreativ Dental

    Kreativ Dental is a Private Clinic first established in May 1996. The Clinic is located in District XIV, within the ‘Green Belt’ of the stunning city of Budapest, offering you World Class Dentistry 2hrs from the UK.

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    Lumírova 21, 128 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic
    Telephone: +420 224 936 389, Mobile phone +420 731 455 480

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  • Dental Harway

    Dental Harway – dr. Gábor Hargitai

    Evező utca 7., 1036 Budapest, Hungary

    Telephone: 0036 1 367 8026

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  • Dr Genchevi

    We are a small, family-run dental practice and our mission is to provide you with the highest quality dental care at reasonable prices. What distinguishes us from the competition is our dedication to our profession and our warm relationship with our patients.

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  • Dentistanbul Dental Hospital

    Dentistanbul, Beşiktas – Yıldız Hospital, is located on one of the most used Streets of Istanbul, Barbaros Boulevard.Dentistanbul-Yıldız is providing services to 18.000 new patients yearly.

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  • ART MEDIC Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Care

    Art Medic Dental Care
    105 Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor, Budapest-1026, Hungary
    Tel: +36 1 225-3121,
    +36 20 9154996

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  • AppleDent

    Apple – the symbol of health, naturalness and vitality we want to take care of for a lifetime. Most important is to protect our teeth health in order to fulfil its natural function in nutrition, and on the other hand the aesthetic sight of beautiful and healthy teeth gives you self-confidence and indirectly contributes to your success.

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  • Villanyi Dent

    Villányi Dent

    6 Villányi Street (room 1 on the first floor), Budapest, 1114. Hungary
    Phone: +36 1 279-1184
    +36 1 279-1185

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  • D.S.Dent

    We care for you. This is the credo of the professionallists at DSDent.
    You take care of yourselves, which means that You are a key factor in your own treatment.

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  • Smile Dental Services

    Now a movie star smile is as close as your mirror. Starting with healthy teeth and gums, we can perfect your smile through porcelain restorations,veneers, whitening, and other state-of-the-art treatments.

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    Peckova 9, Prague 8 – Karlin, Czech Republic
    tel: (+420) 224 22 89 84,
    (+420) 224 22 89 93-4.
    Fax: (+420) 224 21 83 88

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    is a private dental clinic with Austrian share capital that has been operating since 1995.

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  • IV sedation winchester

    City Bridge Dental Care – our outstanding private dental practice has world class equipmnent making us one of the best private dental practices in Southampton, Winchester and Hampshire.

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  • Diamond Dent

    “Diamond Dent” Single Member Ltd has a team of highly qualified specialists with a rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases as well as in the recovery and cosmetic dentistry.

    “Diamond Dent” Single Member Ltd has license No 6622 since February 13th, 2007.

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  • Dentunali Dental Clinic

    Dentunali Dental Clinic

    Iran Street, Konur Business, Centre Flat.1, No: 13/9
    Kavaklidere – Cankaya 06700 Ankara / TURKEY
    +90 312 467 0 444
    +90 312 468 9 666
    +90 532 265 6365 Sadık MERAL

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  • Central Implant

    1088 Budapest,Bródy Sándor utca 28., Hungary

    Telefon: +36 1 267-2677
    Telefon (mobile): +36 20 2006 033


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  • Medconnexus Medical Center

    Our professionally instrumented dental surgery offers you a highly qualified group of dentist. Independently from your problem – like aesthetic fillings, implantation or tooth-root treatment – you can resort a dentist exactly specialised for your problem.

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  • Sanadent Implantology Clinic

    Sanadent Clinic has been offering implant procedures for over 10 years. Our top priority is providing our patients with the most reliable treatment which is achieved due to the fact that we use the latest and the most technologically advanced implant systems and appliances available. The number of procedures carried out as well as the professional routine place our clinic among the leading implant centres in Poland.

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  • International Dental Care

    International Dental Care, a. s.
    Národní / Na perštýně 1
    110 00 Prague 1
    Telephone: +420 234 251 234
    Mobile: +420 737 210 111

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