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  • Este-Dent

    Este-Dent: highest quality and professionalism!
    Este-Dent is dental surgery. We offer highest quality services based on our doctors knowledge and long time experience.
    Our specialty is implantology, prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry.
    Our goal is not only to treat but also to imitate nature beauty.

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  • AmerDental

    AmerDental is a modern dental clinic with state-of the-art American and Japanese equipment. The medical team of experienced dentists of various specializations provides our patients with complex dental care.

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  • Dental Excellence

    Dental Excellence is one of the most technologically progressive dental clinics in Europe.

    You will be bewitched with what we can do for you!

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    With a foundation of many years of professional experience, together with a group
    of our friends, in 1994, we formed a friendly clinic for our patients.
    From the very beginning, we placed a special emphasis on quality of care and
    on integrity. The basis of Dentalux’s success is a stable and pleasant team
    of professionals who works well together.

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  • Uni-Dent

    We offer a full range of dental services.
    We make sure that our patients have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

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  • Aster Med

    AsterMed was established 10 years ago. One of our strongest points is the highly qualified, experienced and consistent team of doctors.

    Our doctors are the best specialists in their fields and work for us from the very beginning. They represent various specialties and cooperate closely by creating integrated treatment plans for our patients.

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  • PerfektDENT

    Our clinic has met the highest European standards and is one of a very few in the Mazowieckie Province to have received EU funding from the European Regional Development Fund.Thanks to this project our practice got additional, state-of-the-art dental equipment which raises the standard of our services and ensures satisfaction of our Patients.

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  • Villa Nova Dental Clinic

    VILLA NOVA Dental Clinic is one of the most modern and patient-friendly of European dental clinics.

    We employ only top specialists with outstanding medical research background and experience, as well as an individual and warm-hearted attitude towards each patient.

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    Warszawa, ul. Belgradzka 12
    tel. 507 300 900, (0-22) 43 66 123

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  • Dantex-Med

    MC Dantex-Med consists of two, fully equipped medical centers fulfilling the standards of EU owing to implementation of Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2000.

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    is a private dental clinic with Austrian share capital that has been operating since 1995.

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