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  • Castle Hill Dentistry

    Would you like to improve your smile without spending a fortune?

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  • Dental Excellence

    Dental Excellence is one of the most technologically progressive dental clinics in Europe.

    You will be bewitched with what we can do for you!

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  • AmerDental

    AmerDental is a modern dental clinic with state-of the-art American and Japanese equipment. The medical team of experienced dentists of various specializations provides our patients with complex dental care.

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  • Neo Dentica Dental Clinic

    We are a modern company that is investing in the development of medical services on the high European level. We are one of the biggest and most modern private clinics in Poland. Neo Dentica cooperate with the first, modern medical private clinic in Poland called Salve-Medica, that includes each sector of medical speciality.

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  • Uni-Dent

    We offer a full range of dental services.
    We make sure that our patients have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

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  • Dent Mar

    ul. 5 Lipca 11/1, 70 – 374 Szczecin
    tel. 091 485 06 56
    tel. 602 31 45 24
    e-mail: info@stomatolog-szczecin.pl

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  • Polish Smile

    PolishSmile.com is a brand of GEODENT Dental Centre – Health Care Establishment operating in Wroclaw, Poland since December 2001.

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  • Medico Dent

    In our modern dental surgeries we take care about your teeth and thanks to the achievements of aesthetic medicine we are able to rejuvenate your face and delay the signs of aging.

    We offer professional dental care within the fields of conservative dentistry, orthodontics, dental prosthetics, dental surgery, periodontology, paediatric dentistry and implantology.

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  • Aster Med

    AsterMed was established 10 years ago. One of our strongest points is the highly qualified, experienced and consistent team of doctors.

    Our doctors are the best specialists in their fields and work for us from the very beginning. They represent various specialties and cooperate closely by creating integrated treatment plans for our patients.

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  • Twoj Dentysta | Complete Dentistry & Implantology Clinic

    Our unique dental practice was established in 1991 and run by Hanna and Przemyslaw Marcinowski since then. Our philosophy is to follow the concept of “complete dentistry” which means to design a beautiful smile that will function well and for a long time by making jaw joints, teeth, muscles and tissues work together. Our goal is to achieve a long-lasting, predictable and beautiful result.

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  • vis DENT Dental Centre

    Our seat is situated by the main road connecting Gdańsk Głowny with Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, exactly opposite the tank monument.

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  • Godenta

    Get your smile back – “without giving your last shirt away”!

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  • Perfect Profiles

    Perfect Profiles has been operating low cost dentistry abroad for more than 8 years. As an established company, with a large customer and enquiry base, Perfect Profiles found themselves in a position to offer their patients low cost high quality dentistry also in the UK.

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  • HAHS Clinic

    Dental Clinic HAHS

    ul. Czwartaków 3
    70-774 Szczecin, Poland
    phone: (+48) 601 771 221
    e-mail: info@hahs.co.uk

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  • Live Dent

    Since 1992 Private Dental Clinic LIVE-DENT Ltd. has been continuously providing personalized service meeting the highest international standards.

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  • Pod Szyndzielnia Dental Clinic POLMEDICO

    The primary goal of our activities is to offer full range of high-quality dentistry services. We are also active in the scientific field carrying out epidemiological research.

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    al. Krasińskiego 30, 30-101 Kraków
    tel/fax 012 422 97 79
    kom 0511 55 66 99

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  • Dental Team

    Have you ever wanted to have beautiful, healthy teeth and the glamour emerging out of your smile but were afraid of the cost of the dental treatment? Now you can afford the quality at reasonable price just by coming to Poland and visiting our dental practice in Szczecin. Let us take care of your oral health bringing the best of dentistry to your smile.

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  • Villa Nova Dental Clinic

    VILLA NOVA Dental Clinic is one of the most modern and patient-friendly of European dental clinics.

    We employ only top specialists with outstanding medical research background and experience, as well as an individual and warm-hearted attitude towards each patient.

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  • Neodentica

    Knowing how important a healthy and beautiful smile can be, we are ready to meet Your expectations offering a full spectrum of modern dental medicine. You’re welcome to try our free check-up visit to decide whether You want to become a patient of the Neodentica Dental Clinic.

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  • Vidental

    Vidental medical practice has been in operation since 1992. After a thorough modernization in 2009 it was transformed into a dental clinic matching West European standards.

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