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  • Gabordent Clinic

    The Gabordent Clinic welcomes you in Szeged, the City of Sunshine. In our clinic, which has been operating for ten years, highly professional dental specialists and modern technology guarantee the most up-to-date dental treatments for our clients.

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  • Sleep Dentistry Hungary

    Enjoy amazing 4-day-long wellness package in a beautiful sunshine- city, while your teeth become healthy and youngish with the most modern techology. Save 75% out of your dental costs.

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  • Traveldent

    High quality cosmetic dental service for 40-70% costs what you would pay in the U.K., Ireland and most European countries. Our clinic is only 5 hours from you in the center of the historical university town, Szeged. Check our our latest Dental Service Offers, the way you can save thousands of GBPs or EURs.

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