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  • Wabi Beauty Center

    H-9400 Sopron, Bécsi út 4521/3
    Phone: +36 99 505 760
    Fax: +36 99 505 761

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  • Feher Dental Team

    At our state-of-the-art dental clinic we lay great emphasis on preventive and cosmetic dentistry as well as implantology, periodontology and oral surgery.

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  • Szekeres Dental

    Our surgery has been operating in the downtown of Sopron since 1994 for the full satisfaction of our patients. Using the most modern equipment and exclusively those materials that are conform to the EU standards, as well as our professional personnel and the favourable prices are just a few keys to our success.

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  • Swissdent

    The owners of this company are experienced Swiss persons. The management of the company is also Swiss.The clinic matches the Swiss rules. The Swiss owners are supervising: the treatment methods, the quality of the materials, the comfort of the west-european patients. Flexible hosting times. German and English speaking and qualified staff.

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  • Praxis Dr. Tóka

    Praxis Dr. Tóka Kft.
    Várkerület 108.
    9400 Sopron, Hungary

    Telefon: (+36 99) 311-078
    Telefax: (+36 99) 316-985

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  • Crown Dental

    H-Sopron, Várkerület 73., Hungary
    Tel: + 36 99 340 440
    + 36 30 628 78 76

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  • Rosengarten Dental

    The Rosengarten Dental Clinic in Hungary was established in an effort to provide more than just a simple surgical intervention for those interested in receiving dental treatments in Hungary. The clinic has got all what it takes to offer a full range of services in dental tourism and to turn treatments into a pleasant experience to its patients.

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  • Kelemen Dent

    Our dental practice is available to the patients since 1990, and their contentment proves the quality of our job.

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  • Kormendy Dent

    Our Dental Clinic provides high quality dental services to the patients, meeting the European Union standards.

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  • DentAll 4 One Dental Clinic Sopron

    We are available every time – round-a-clock opening hours – no need take a day off. In-house digital technicians lab offers flexible and individual solutions. Full ceramic and zirconia restorations prepared immediately. Barrier-free office. Pain-free treatments guaranteed. We use metal-free and homeopathic materials.

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  • Wadin Med Dental Clinic

    Sopron Plaza, Sopron, Hungary
    Phone: +36 99 334 662
    +36 99 505 596
    Fax: +36 99 505 597

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  • Dental Fagus

    Dental Fagus is the in-house dentistry of Hotel Fagus**** Conference and Wellness Hotel in Sopron, West-Hungary, next to the Austrian border.

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