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bulgariandentist.com Dr.Baytcheva

Located at 18 “Christo Kovachev” str. and in the very center of the City of Sofia, the office was established in 1999 and is not far away from the Musical Theater, the Embassy of Denmark and the Levsky monument.

Imagine the perfect smile. Dr Liubomira Baytcheva can achieve that perfect smile for you.

Dr. Baytcheva considers the general health of the teeth and the patients well being before undertaking any treatment and using the latest advancements in dental technology – making treatment painless and achieving astounding results. Dr. Baytcheva believes that all types of dentistry must have a good foundation. Oral and gum health is very important to the longevity of the teeth and is the focus of the practice’s fully qualified hygienists.

Dr. Baytcheva is a graduated dentist working in Sofia, Bulgaria and her dental clinic offers all kinds of dental services including emergency procedures, general treatment of tooth pains, ultrasonic cleaning of tartar, as well as specific dental procedures like paradontology, surgery, caries treatment, protetics, treatment of pulpitis, extraction, child stomatology, etc.”

Dr. Baytcheva Dental Office

18 Christo Kovachev str.
Sofia 1504

Tel.  +359   2 9443696
Cell. +359 88 9609066


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