Asclepius Dental and Implantology Centre

Asclepius Dental and Implantology Centre

Welcome to our new dental office! It reopened two years ago, after the addition of new, high-quality services – making it one of the biggest in our region. We have put a lot of attention into creating an ergonomic, friendly, and relaxing atmosphere as well as meeting the EU requirements.

For any dental work we will give you full guarantee for three years in condition of at least an annual control based on regular cleaning, brushing and proper use.

Due to the high quality of our professionals and our services, we are able to provide 10 years’ guarantee on our dental implants.

The guarantee covers the time and the cost of any necessary materials. It does not cover the cost of travel, accommodation or any consequential losses that may be incurred.



ASCELIPUS Dental Care Dental and Implantology Centre

HUNGARY, 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Munkácsy M. 14.
Phone: Balazs Furedi – +36-70-414-0762
Fax: +36-92-511-223

Our Ireland contact: Tel: +353-85-130-3571

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