Top quality dental implant, dental treatment and personalized dentistry!


Absolute Medica is a Hungarian healthcare agency, based in Budapest, who has combined its expertise with the knowledge of renowned medical services.

Absolute Medica fuses exceptional medical services together with memorable time in the beautiful Capital of Hungary or Lake Balaton. Enjoy your stay, while saving significant amount of money on the medical treatment of your choice.

We believe it to be very important to provide you with a safe, proven, detailed process when traveling abroad for medical care. We are a company you can rely on.

To be able to offer the best for you, we have lined up the highest quality hospitals and private clinics and continually update and monitor our network of healthcare providers. The staff and specialists of our chosen clinics and hospitals are highly qualified and very experienced both in Hungary and internationally. They also have excellent English language skills.

Hungary is a great solution regarding its excellent dental care, cosmetic surgeons, general surgical and orthopaedic procedures. Patients who are thinking of travelling abroad for medical treatments can take really great advantage of at a much lower price than in their own country. Over the past 20 years Hungary had been the most interesting destination in dental implant procedures but an increasing number of surgeons have started to provide top class, affordable cosmetic surgery, general surgery andorthopaedic treatments for foreign patients.




Call free from the U.K.: 0800-862-04-03
International: +36-30-823-36-26

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